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About Us


IKIGAI (Iki-gai)


a passion that gives value and joy to life.


It all started in 2017, in the cold wintry streets of Tokyo, Japan. Anj, our Head Chef was finally on her long-awaited holiday. Food adventures waiting to happen, each day a new opportunity to explore the bustling city. Amongst the many exciting food vendors and vibrant food scene was a hole in the wall which Anj stumbled upon. She believes that a great way to soak herself in the culture is through food. In that humble shop was a bowl of Ramen that changed her life forever. Anj describes the flavours as out-of-this-world however comforting. A harmony of pleasing tastes in the palate that was hard to articulate. A simple bowl of Ramen brightened her spirits and made her feel alive—it was that good.


The lingering memory of the flawlessness of that broth turned into a craving and satisfying that craving which led to one frustrated Ramen-lover because of the inability to find something remotely close when she returned to Canberra.


Living in the cold Capital city mixed with those wavering emotions led to the ultimate pursuit of replicating not only the rich flavours but the feelings of joy and comfort that hearty bowl of Ramen brought about. It was an Ikigai moment for Anj.


All this was 6 years in the making. The food inception through to completion by our Head Chef, Anj, with the restaurant presented and bespoke by Joe, Anj’s Father and one of the owners, to express a relaxing and cosy space for patrons as they sip their heart-warming bowl of Ramen.

The flavours you’ll experience and what you’ll catch a glimpse of is all a labour of love.

Allow us to share and relive that memorable experience with you.


Welcome to Ikigai Ramen.

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